maria holecek story
maria holecek story
maria holecek story

Dr. Holecek’s Philanthropic Work

The photographs below are of a dental mission trip Dr. Holecek participated in with a group of dental students from the University of Detroit School of Dentistry. Often working under porches & using tree stumps for dental chairs in 90-degree temperature, the need for dental care in many areas of Central America remains very high.

Dr. Holecek, photographed here with dental students from the University of Detroit, has participated in missions to Central America to provide free dental work to those in desperate need. The mission trips to Honduras & Guatemala have become a bi-annual tradition through the University of Detroit Mercy. The team of dental & hygiene students are assisted by doctors of dentistry & a registered nurse.

While on these trips, the team provides care for over 1,500 people, including root canals, extractions, restorations & periodontal treatments. Thanks to the supplies & equipment from orthodontist, William Krieg, the team was also able to provide hundreds of children with pit & fissure sealants.

Dr. Holecek’s brother, Andrew, is a dentist in Colorado & is active in providing dental care in camps in Nepal, India, Vietnam & more, through the Dental Relief Project, a philanthropy organization that he helped found. For further information, you can access the website at:

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